The "My CD Store" is worldwide CD/DVDs distribution.
CD and DVD is manufactured in Shanghai SONY in China, is in stock the warehouse in Hong Kong,
and is shipped by the world from the Hong Kong warehouse.

Privacy Notice

At POSCA Co., Ltd., we recognize that it is our social responsibility as a corporation to protect personal information, and all officers and employees of the company observe the laws of privacy protection.

1.Compliance Program for the Protection of Personal Information
At POSCA Co., Ltd., we take preventative measures to protect against risks such as illegal access to personal information, as well as measures against loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information, by establishing standards, rules, and procedures in our compliance program, to enforce the proper handling of private information.

2. Organizational Activities for the Protection of Personal Information
We take the following steps to enforce our fundamental privacy policy: (1) All officers and employees observe the standards set forth in the laws regarding personal information. (2) Elect a Privacy Protection Administrator to implement and enforce the procedures set forth in the compliance program. (3) Elect a Privacy Protection Auditor as an internal auditor to ensure that privacy protection practices are implemented and enforced. (4) Require that corporate and individual clients cooperate in the protection of personal information. (5) Display our fundamental policies on our Web site so that anyone can view our policies at any time. (6) Conduct periodic reviews of our compliance program, and continue to make improvements.

3. Handling of Personal Information
(1) Individual Rights At POSCA Co., Ltd., we hold an individual's rights to the protection of privacy to the highest regard, and upon the request of the individual, will disclose, correct, or delete the information within a reasonable period of time. (2) Collection, Use, and Provision of Personal Information For the purposes of collecting, using, and providing personal information, we will make clear as to the purpose of collecting the personal information, and will handle the information in an appropriate manner. (3) Enforcement of Safety Measures We will take reasonable safety measures regarding personal information so that problems to not arise, such as leakage outside of the company, or inappropriate falsification of information.



My CD Store is a global delivery service that uses environmentally friendly 'eco-jackets', a postcard style case for your CDs or DVDs. 

We use no plastics, only paper, which equates to NO price change, regardless of region! Listed prices for our products include everything, even shipping and handling. 

Regardless of where you wish to post your purchase with us, there's no need to worry about jumps in your payment! 

With POSCADIRECT, wherever you are and wherever you want it, it's the same price!

Methods of Payment

We accept PayPal, VISA, MC, DINERS, AMEX, and JCB credit card payments up front, we do not accept installments.

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