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Mojin: Singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer

Mojin was born in Nara Prefecture, Japan and started playing the guitar at the age of 15.
He studied composition and arrangement at the Pan School of Music established by Mickie Yoshino, the leader of Godiego, and went on to start his own career as a professional musician.
Based in Tokyo, he regularly releases ogininal albums and gives live performances.
As a music producer and composer sought after in a wide variety of genres, he has written a number of songs for TV programs, commercial films, events, etc., in addition to producing other artists and writing and arranging songs for them.
His current creative works also include drawings and photographic art creations, which
are often comibined with his music to enhance its effect.

December 1993 HAPPY MERCY
first original album
August 1997 Private Café
orignal album ranked 6th on the Indies Hit Chart at Tower Record in Ikebukuro, Tokyo
December 2000 Mobius No Wa (“Mobius Strip”)
original album
April 2002 Sakuranbo (“Cherry”)
orignal CD single
April 2004 Plastic Café
first self-produced original album
April 2006 Kimi Ga Inaito (“If Without You”)
a maxi CD single, the title tune of which was used as the ending theme of a TV prize entertainment program Kensho Densetsu
December 2006 Plastic Cafe 8
original album
March 2007 Plastic Cafe Black
original album
May 2007 Plastic Cafe White
original album
August 2009 OH, MY TEARS
original album, which was mixed down by Mojin himself in street corners of Amsterdam with his notebook PC connected to the headphone
August 2010 GYROSCOPE
another original album mixed down by Mojin himself in street corners of Amsterdam; a related PV is available for viewing through the YouTube Channel mojinmusiccafe
August 2011
new originl album available for sale online

July 2003 Winds & Waves
- debut album of a collaboration unit Two of Us (a duo with Takami Asano, also the guitarist of Godiego)
July 2008
- debut album of a collaboration unit Malo led by Mojin

[Selected music production works]
- NHK TV Program Tensai TV Kun
- Website of Mizuno
- Tokyo Motor Show ’96 and ‘97
- Yokohama History Museum
- The Disaster Emergency Online of the Ministry of Construction
- Matsushita Electric Industrial Multi Media
- Canon DEDIO Exhibition
- Theme song for NEC Q8 Kun
- A CD-accompanied picture book Shika No Maho written and translated by Sally
Sevaldsen and Miri Okada (December 2000)

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