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BRONZE Dou-Shin/Natori Fuurai〜Revival aid version〜

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BRONZE Dou-Shin/Natori Fuurai〜Revival aid version〜

BRONZE Dou-Shin/Natori Fuurai〜Revival aid version〜

BRONZE Do-Shin "Natorifuurai" ~revival aid Natori version~

2012/10/21 sale!!

Until this work is made

The Great East Japan Earthquake happened on March 11, 2011.

The Yuriage, Natori-shi, Miyagi-ken area is also one of the areas which changed into the annihilation state.
A northeast is dotted at the origin of in case of an earthquake disaster, saying "It is encouraged by the music of BRONZE in abysmal darkness in a power failure." It arrived by a twitter or mail from Hwang.
"The ring project of the wind" was planned in order to respond to the voice, and it prepared by applying half a year.
"half a year" is also a keyword and it "is not the time when a hole opens open in the heart" -- the leader of BRONZE which considered so Ryuma carried out a plan to start an inquiry-after-his-health performance in autumn.
In order to live first, food, clothing and shelter are priority above all, and there is it.
A grade is as if the hole which opened to the heart can be filled when ready.
It was making the music which not only the starting point of BRONZE Do-Shin but also "the hole of the heart" buries.

He had visited the company of Akita Prefecture one affair and himself [ one affair / BRONZE Do-Shin member ], and it spoke, and made the plan of the stage track.

And while it making, the contents were packed so that a representation member and the staff might visit beforehand, and might say main point etc. to it as Miyagi, Iwate, and Fukushima, and it might attach to it how far more there or trouble mightnot be made to you.
a result -- transportation, construction, a signboard, a carpenter, metalworking and fuel, and other many -- the company, the individual, and the organization approved and BRONZE Do-Shin, a staff driver, etc. became a form which always walks by about 13 persons.

A trichotomy palette (carpenter) is installed in a 10t track (a driver express company).
It is that whose performance was enabled about 30 minutes after [ since big musical instruments and equipment, such as a drum, were moved by track while they are fixed with metal (metalworking), ] arriving.
Furthermore, a power supply is also the dynamo (a dynamo, and power generation vehicles and a driver are construction and fuel company staffs) which used BDF (reproduction and bioenergy) on its own account, and there is a scent which is frying tempura completely.

Staff vehicles (operation) are also cooperation of a construction firm.
Each "wind = the people " cooperated each other in the feeling in special ability toward one purpose, and the "ring project of the wind" used as a ring became a form.
revival aid music called the thing -- " Natorifuurai " borne by exchange with the Natori Yuriage Medeshima eastern part makeshift house and BRONZE Do-Shin in it.
that in which the poetry of NatoriFuurai style brought the local keyword together from people in the Yuriage area.
Although lost, I would like to hand down poetry from generation to generation from now on.
Power of overcoming the pile of now and now which must be exceeded repeatedly

And it is with to the future.

The paragraph of the Akita Ondo is used for inside and it enables it to sing the noted product of Natori also by small

A song is Ms. Yukie Sato of the Miyagi native of introduction of Jichikaicho. It is actually the spring of 2012.

When people and BRONZE Do-Shin of the Natori Yuriage area met again and perform, it is CD which became a talk of making CD's,
and the student council carried forward and realized.

It sings with crying or laughter, and I think if I have you become a cause overcome by musical power.

* Sales serve as reconstruction assistance money.

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