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Tomoyo Yoshida/Shiawasa na shokutaku

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Tomoyop Yoshida / Shiawase na shokutaku

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Tomoyo Yoshida


Shiawase na shokutaku

The mini-album containing 2013 New Vocal Mix of the DL version "Fortunate table"
made for the tour of winter of "the reception 2013 of the collaboration tour / Ami Ozaki
of music and food", and the new song of a newly-written work. The first time limited
board of 300 sheets is analog 7" record specification (CD). "I prepared apt warm music
in cold winter. When it became painful, the music gentle to which nestles up was done!!
It is an album this winter to be with your side ." ByTomoyo


The singer-songwriter who will sing anywhere if there is a keyboard. It is under
activity in a live house in the city of Tokyo. The pleasure of singing playing the piano at
the time of a high school is got to know, and lyrics composition is begun as a
singer-songwriter after the graduation from a high school. It is under activity with
simple innocence to an element about a fashion, sleeping, eating, love, and a horse race
as well as music and singing.

Truck data

01. table scale (2013 New Vocal Mix)
02. 120yen and Tea and Warmth
03. 1 mom's mug cup (2013 New Vocal Mix)
04. Same old story〜winter〜
05. Hot Cocoa

Produced by the greatest hits
Co-produced by Yusuke Sawada

Lyrics & Music : Tomoyo Yoshida
Arrangement : Rintaro Tanikawa


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