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Song Circus/Kouhei Kawai

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Kouhei Kawai/Song Circus

Kouhei Kawai


Singer-songwriter Kohei Kawai was born in 1975. Be affected by the national to international music various Beach Boys and the Beatles through Yumi Arai and Happy End. He has Middle elementary school, he was listening to the Beatles when he goes to bed, “Revolution 9″ is in trauma encounter with music. While he starts a full-scale home recording from 25 years old, while doing the job of film editing at the cinema, made about 50 songs over a period of 2-3 years. Make the solo live for the first time in the age of 30, expanding the live activities to be able to call with the recital with a musical instrument training. Increase the fellow musicians and fans gradually carried out the three-piece band live for the first time as a new attempt at the age of 36, got a good reputation. He also made a live with Fukuoka Shiro and Aoyama Yoichi. Including Kenichi Hasegawa and opening act of Hiroshi Takano. Now he made his 1st album from Gooondo, produced by tomohiko gondo.


01. Eisei no Shirase
02. Hibernia
03. Mexico city
04. Fisherman' s song
05. Sayunaramatasete
06. sorrow, sorrow
07. Theme of hornet
08. Bitter Sweet
09. Fujun na Magma
10. Today

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