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CHIHO/NIGHT OF SNOW ~Wherever you are ~

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CHIHO Solo Project 1st single Release

“NIGHT OF SNOW ~Wherever you are ~”

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Latest information. From December 5, 2016 overseas performances in Belarus
One and a half years since she started her solo project on March 2015, Chiho’s long awaited first single is finally released! Not classical music, not pops, not jazz nor fusion. Just Chiho singing from her heart, through her saxophone.


Chiho started playing the saxophone at 27, and has learned to play on her own up to this day. (She actually started her musical career at 17 as a hard rock drummer, wanting to “move peoples hearts with just one note”) Although she didn’t have any special interest in the saxophone, a band member recommended it to her since there already was a drummer in the band. Surprisingly, she easily switched instruments with no trouble at all. Just having bought a new drum set, Chiho looked for a reasonable new instrument, and came upon a broken saxophone dangling from a private pawn shop. Using it, she played her first gig four months later. A few years later she bought a new sax, began playing in small gigs and live houses, and gradually started to play solo concerts while being a coordinator and radio DJ at the same time. She eventually became popular enough to play solo concerts in large halls, releasing 8 albums on the way. Besides regularly playing solo in Tokyo, she is widening her musical perspectives by supporting other artists, and participating in improvisations from 2016.

・Played in the 44th Montreal Jazz Festival 2010. Won a prize on the same year from Akita prefecture (her home town) for contributing to giving a good image of the prefecture.
・Created a project in 2011 to support the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake, and played concerts at the disaster sites using only bio-electricity.
・Moved to Tokyo in March 2014, and started her solo career on March 2015
・Releases her first solo CD “Night of snow” on September 2016.

Track List

1. Night of Snow Akita version(Composed / Arranged:Chiho)

2. Night of Snow Tokyo version (Composed: Chiho Arranged: Gentaro Futatsugi)

RED WIND (Composed / Arranged:Gentaro Futatsugi)

Alto Saxophone & Chorus:Chiho
Electric Guitar, Bass, & Acoustic Guitar:Gentaro Futatsugi
Piano:Yoshihiro Kawagoe
Drums & Percussion:Tsutomu Imagawa
Engineer & Recording:Toshimichi Isoe(ZIZZ STUDIO)

Directed & Arranged by Gentaro Futatsugi
Jacket Design & Illustrations by Chiho
Produced by Chiho Ogawa


Youtube channel chiho art :
Facebook Chiho Ogawa:
Ameba Blog 「Sen no ho monogatari」:

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