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Captain HOOK love's lock O.S.T.

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The Sound-track CD of CD-drama "Captain HOOK love's lock" featuring IM as senario-writer: NOW ON SALE!
Recording all of the title tune & inserted songs in full-version by Kosuke TORIUMI & Kanako ITO!
Improved sound quality through remixing & remastering!
Don't miss the O.S.T. Bonus track: "Finding You" by Kazuhiro WATANABE!
(English version of "Good night, for the Day")
Luxurious mat-paper booklet in 8 pages + paper-dustjacket.

Sound Producer: ZIZZ STUDIO
19 Tracks (including 4 tracks in Vocal music)

01.      GIALOCK
02.      ONE LAST TIME Vocal: Ichi (Voice Actor: Kosuke TORIUMI)
03.      LOVE’S LOCK.
04.      No.43
05.      Ronri wa warau (Laughing Logic)
07.      CROSS-EYED
08.      ENS ⇔ ×××
09.      Kiseki ni shizumu (Sinking in a track)
10.      GOOD BYE BABY
12.      Haguruma ga kisimu (Screaming Wheels)
13.      STAY A FAKE Vocal: Ichi (Voice Actor: Kosuke TORIUMI)
14.      Oyasumi sonohi made (Good night, for the Day) Vocal: Kanako ITO
15.      Finding You ※O.S.T. Gift Tr. Vocal: Kazuhiro WATANABE
16.      ONE LAST TIME  Inst ver.
17.      Good night, for the Day   Inst ver.
18.      STAY A FAKE  Inst ver.
19.      Finding You  Inst ver.

IM Official Website(in Japanese):

ZIZZ STUDIO Official Website(in Japanese):

On the jacket,
titles of the track No.13 and No.14 was unexpectedly interchanged.
Here is the correct order:

13.      STAY A FAKE Vocal: Nachi (Voice Actor: Kosuke TORIUMI)
14.      Oyasumi sonohi made (Good night, for the Day) Vocal: Kanako ITO

We sincerely apologize the trouble that this may cause.

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