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Leonard Eto/Power and Patience

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“Power and Patience” is a message that Leonard Eto received from
a drummer who was also a shaman when Leonard Eto traveled to West Africa 20 years ago.

The message that implies the relationship between drumming and dancing became the foundation
of Leonard’s creative activities.

This album, titled with the message from the shaman, synchronizes the rhythm of taiko and guitar
with a sequencer which creates time and space that never existed in any other work of art.

A brand new sensuous rhythm that takes you to a mystical world!

Produced by Leonard Eto
Music by Leonard Eto
Leonard Eto (Taiko / Japanese drums), Natsuki Kido (Guitars), Toshiyuki Kishi (Programming, Keyboards), Suji (tap)


Born in New York, Leonard joined the Japanese Taiko drum group, KODO in 1984,
for which he served as the principal player, organizer, music director as well as composer.
Leonard's original style of the taiko ensemble influenced not only following taiko groups,
but also entertainments such as Stomp,Blue Man and other areas of the Western music scene as well.
In 1992, Leonard left KODO to pursue a solo career, and since then has been producing his own projects.
One of the unique qualities that defines Leonard’s artistic character is his exchanges with international
artists which have taken him to over 35 countries.

Through his participation in a variety of festivals and recording sessions, he performed with
such world-renowned artists as Bob Dylan, Bon Jovi, The Chieftains, INXS, Ray Cooper,
Roger Taylor (Queen), Zakir Hussain (tabla), Andreas Vollenweider (harp), Milton Cardona
(per.), Doudou Ndiaye Rose (per.), Max Roach (ds.), Michael Shrieve (Santana), Siouxsie
Sioux, The Creatures, Michael Kamen (composer) and others.

Recently, Leonard has been breaking new grounds and his performances are continuing to gain momentum.
He is the leader of a project called Blendrums (album "Blendrums" released in 2007) where percussion
provides the main instrumental focus.
Leonard also collaborates with dance acts and performs creatively with a string quartet (album "Aoi
Tsuki" released in 2007).In 2009, he went on a European tour of Blendrums.
The unforeseen combination of acoustic guitar and tap dancing along with other new superb expressions of taiko were highly praised at all concert venues.

Yet another feature to Leonard's unique make up is the originality of his musical creations.
His original works have been featured in such Hollywood film productions as "JFK", "The Lion King" ,
"The Hunted" and "The Thin Red Line", and they have also been used in ballet performances by Nina
Ananiashvili and Patrick Dupond,as well as for the figure skating performances of Elvis Stojko.
"Tsu-Ku-Tsu", a work specially commissioned by Pilobolus, the renowned American modern dance company, has quickly become one of Leonard's representative works.
"Tsu-Ku-Tsu" premiered in Boston in 2000 and opened to critical acclaim and enthusiastic audiences in New York at the Joyce Theater in 2000.
The New York Times raves, "He's got rhythm, They've got moves: It's a fit".

Leonard’s musicality is articulated by Mainichi Shimbun as follows:“The luminous, festive
essence and primal joy in Leonard’s music can easily transcend ethnic barriers. Just let
yourself flow with the freedom manifested as the sounds he creates - that is all you need to
do”. Together with his ample experience overseas, Leonard’s universal musicality has
played the crucial role as the foundation of his activities.

Leonard Eto official Site

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