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Toshikazu Maruno/KIZUNA

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To friends and fans of the world

Thank you for always being supportive.
It always appreciates it.
I am glad to be able to send this album to everyone.
Many bonds(KIZUNA) are recorded in this album.
I lost my father four years ago...
And I lost my mother one year ago...
A song in memory of the late parents is recorded in this album.
This album is dedicated to My Father and My Mother.
I wish everyone enjoys this album.
To everyone with my heartfelt gratitude.
Summer 2011
Toshikazu Maruno

maruno toshikazu

[Track List]
01. Vivere
(This song is dedicated to My Father, 1939-2007)

02. Power Of The Future
〜To children who bear the future〜

03. My Home Town
〜Kagoshima's sky〜

04. Spring of the 20th year・・・
  〜Mother's Song〜

05. Ride the wind, put the song

06. See You Again 2009

07. Best smile

08. My Dear aunt

09. Mother,
〜Strings Version〜

10. As long as life lasts

11. Good Luck
〜Each of you life have meaning〜

12. Mother,
〜Pop Version〜


Toshikazu Maruno (Singer / Songwriter)
Born in October 14, 1969 (Kagoshima, Japan)

Softly, painfully and strongly, his voices sound your heart through.
With the themes, such as love and hope in daily basis, he song writs and performs.
He has loved music since his childhood, naturally he always sang.
At the age of 14, he got a guitar as the Christmas gift and made a band.
That determined him to a way of music.
In an autumn, as he was 15, he decided to go to Tokyo when he finished singing on the stage of the school culture festival.

In spring 1988, he went to Tokyo and had performed as a vocalist at live clubs there during about 8 years.
And it built his base as not only a singer but also as a songwriter.

In 1995, he ended the band activity and became a solo artist, in addition re-started his live club gig activities.
Since then his style changed using the acoustic guitars.

In January 1998, he released an album "IN THE NAME OF LOVE" with his acoustic guitars simply.
Among the album, "Molody Mo Uta Mo Nai Love Song (A Love Song without Melody and Lyrics)" won "Monthly Grand Prix" of December 1998 on the FM radio NACK5 program Music Challenger.
This made his career widen and he began to meet many people in especially Kanto area includes social contribution acts.
And it brought him to create the image song sponsored by Saitama Prefecture "New Century Countdown Concert".
His thoughts for children carrying the future put the tune "Power Of The Future", and there is another version CD created with the bands who participated the event.
Released the CD in October, he performed a lot of stages on countdown events.
And his activities continued until 2001, however since 2002, he has kept on songwriting but stopped any release/performance.

Time rolled on...
In August 2008, he got over the sadness of the loss of his father, struggled, released the mini-album "Starting All Over Again" sung his hometown and his family ties. Different from his gigs, it made by the acoustic guitars mainly and it sounds Rock/Pop. After the spread CD, his new start begins from his hometown Kagoshima. In fact, his mother suffered from a cancer at this time.
His music activity becomes the stop again.
But he writes a song and continues making music.
And he loses beloved mother in March, 2010.....
He inherits the will of the deceased of the late parents in April, 2010.
And he restarts music activity.

In October, 2010, he performs triumphant return Live in Ijuin Junior High School of the old school.
And he writes "Good Luck" newly for them.
This song becomes the rooters' song of the old school.
In December, 2010, he writes "Victory Road" newly for Kisanuki of the professional baseball pitcher of the same town.
In January, 2011, his "Power Of The Future" is decided on the theme song of the photo project with release of photo book of yokozuna Hakuho.

And, in the summer of 2011, his album "KIZUNA" is released from My CD Store.
He performs music activity now in hometown Kagoshima and Tokyo.
He performs the collaboration with the overseas artist.
He continues sending music to the world.
His "music life" continues from now on.


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