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Euphobia/Tomohiko Gondo

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【2012/02/23 CARAVAH Tokyo Live】

『Tomohiko Gondo Music world

1st album inculde tune「Terra」

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「no-nonsense records」

Tomohiko Gondo who is a producer and a musician establishes as a place which will announce self music, an image, and a performance in February, 2012.
The first work of "no-nonsense records" "performs" and holds the live "Euphobia 001" to Hiroshi Takano and a Kumorina guest in Shibuya SARAVAH Tokyo.
The solo work containing the theme tune "Euphobia" written new for this public performance is premiered.
As the first "work", after selecting several music out of the performed work and treating by "no-nonsense studio", it releases by CD and distribution.


It is a project which should have began to investigate its musical style, and is the first phase release.
Investigation of a heart-warming melody of Euphonium (brass instrument) and electronic rhythmic movement.
The music on heavens is dripped to Actual society.
EP containing six music (CD only)from live recording and studio recording. [no-nonsense records]

【no-nonsense records】

The feeling "there is that no meaningless" makes it the motto not to forget experiment nature and playfulness but to leave a uniquely best work .
Moreover, it releases just now centering on such a work gentle to that people and a person are connected by music for people.
                               【text: Tomohiko Gondo】

【Tomohiko Gondo】(Musician)

After graduating from the music department of the Nihon University College of Art, Gondo made an overseas study at Boston University and finished his MA in electronic music and euphonium. Gondo formed a music group named “anoymass” in 2004 and the group released 4 original albums. Gondo has been a key supporting member for the legendary Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO/RYUICHI SAKAMOTO/HARUOMI HOSONO/YUKIHIRO TAKAHASHI)for their live performances and has toured with them in Europe, US, as well as occasional concerts in Japan.
His unique style combining computer, electronics, and euphonium has awarded him a reputation and made possible collaborations with artists like Love Psychedelico, The Beatniks, Chara, UA, Def tech and many more for their recordings and live performances.
Although Gondo has been known as an unique artist who understands pop music and plays euphonium, he has been keeping himself busy as a writer and a creator of music for commercials and soundtracks.


01. Terra(Live)
02. Euphbia#4
03. Togenkyo(Live)
04. Bruno
05. Euphbia#4(Live Remix)
06. Lucia(CDonly)

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